Is Travelling Expensive?

This year – we decided, every Monday – we will be sharing a few tips and tricks that help us travel. This is the WhiteCollarTravellers version of #MondayMotivation.

For those who don’t know us – We are a regular couple, working 50 hours or more a week in our regular day jobs. We love to travel but we also love our respective jobs. And – we don’t intent to travel full time.
For us, travel is an escape from our routine work life but also an opportunity to experience this big and beautiful world and make memories forever. This blog is mainly to share our fun stories, get some inspiration from this beautiful community and also share some of our own.
Anyways coming back decided to start this series!

Is Travelling Expensive

So many people think that travel is expensive. It sure can be with flights, hotels, car rentals, fancy restaurants, tours etc. But in our view can be made affordable if planned properly. It takes a serious and conscious effort – but everyone can do it.

Quick pointers –

  1. Firstly, you don’t have to fly half-way around the world to travel, it could be exploring a nearby village, town or city or the country next door. Do whatever works for you.
  2. Don’t book impulsively. That is the basic rule.
  3. Don’t travel when everyone else is travelling – summer breaks, festivals etc. Shoulder season is always the best. Lesser crowds, cheaper rates and you get the city/place to yourself.
  4. Don’t try and go everything during your trip/. Prioritize on what you want to do and research best available options. It is ok to miss out a little – after all the trip/vacation should be for you and not for Instagram!
  5. Save up for the holiday. Plan your rough budget and save accordingly. For example – We save for 3-4 months before a 10 day holiday in Europe. If you love luxury stay – save up more. If you want a longer holiday – budget daily expenditure and save up accordingly

2 thoughts on “Is Travelling Expensive?”

  1. Loved the blog! Sounds so much like me! Travel is a joyful experience and to make it so planning is a must. Agree completely with you that one does not need to see/do what the others have done but explore it yourself. I always like to interact with the locals to know more about their ideas and thoughts. Our last holiday was to Greece and we were surprised how many people knew about Hindi films!!! Our housekeeper in the cruise told me all about the new Hindi movies I should see! As I am a school teacher I always ask about education. One learns so much!
    Keep up the posts Abha and Aamod. Love to read them!!!!

    1. Thank you so much aunty! It is all about building your own experiences – something that makes you cherish the trip! I do agree, its so much fun connecting with the locals and getting to know them!
      PS: That is so interesting, Bollywood fans everywhere! Love it!

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