” The only things that I own which are still worth what they cost me are my travel memories.. the mind pictures of places which I have been hoarding like a happy miser !” – Burton Homes

Hello / Ola / Bonjour / Ciao / Ahoj

Welcome to WhiteCollarTravellers!

We are a married couple from India and this page is about our travel journals – exploring the world – one country at a time!

We love to travel but we also love our respective jobs! (At least for now 😉 ). Since we have a hectic work schedule we cannot take more than 8-10 days off at a stretch. Hence our holidays are planned to get the maximum out of a country in 10 days! For us, travel is not only an escape from our routine work life but also an opportunity to experience this big and beautiful world and make memories forever.

Both of us have come from a defence background with our parents being in the armed forces and hence we have traveled and stayed in places all around India. We have recently started exploring the world and are completely in love with it!

 We were very clear from the beginning that’s it is not about the number of countries we cover in a trip, it was more about exploring a country or a city to the fullest and getting the whole vibe in!

We equally enjoy the planning that goes into our holidays. We spend months reading about the place, what to do, where to go, food to try and then create the best itinerary for us.  We are not backpackers or into luxury travel, we are budget travelers who love to find unique boutique hotels or B&B’s.

This blog is about our fun, offbeat and at times weird travel journals.

The pictures on the blog are all taken from our respective phones mainly because we always forget the DSLR or find it too bulky to carry around.  I use iPhone and Aamod uses the Google Pixel. ( Yes, we constantly have the Apple vs Google debate ! Update – I am now using the Pixel 2. Have you seen the camera 😮 )

Hope you all enjoy reading it!

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Abha & Aamod

Ground Rules

As a couple we balance out well, we have similar priorities when we explore a country/city !

  • No museums – We did one on our first trip in Madrid and decided it’s not for us! We only like the quirky ones like the museum of broken relationships in Zagreb.
  • Something new in every trip is a must – from thermal baths in Budapest, to kayaking in the Adriatic Sea, to cycling in the rain in Seville, an ad-hoc La Liga match in Barcelona!
  • Walk. Walk. Walk – We love walking and walk endlessly during our trips! It’s the best way to get familiar with the place.  We also take pride in taking the local transport.
  • Off Season Travel  – We don’t mind off-season travel as well. ( secretly I think we enjoy it ). Christmas in Europe is our favorite.
  • Free Walking Tours –  A must do in every city. Its one of the best way to get to know about the city! Sandeman’s in Europe is one of our favourites.
  • Local Language – we try in to pick up basics of the local language before we travel. It is important to know basic greetings, how to ask for beer/wine , yes/no, chicken only etc
  • 100 Euros per day – Our simple formula for managing our budgets. This is apart from the flights, hotels and visa costs – basically 100 Euros a day for us to explore the city, do the tours, local transport, eat, drink and shop (for the both of us) !

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