How to choose your destination?

Back with our WhiteCollarTravellers version of #MondayMotivation. As mentioned last time we decided, every Monday – we will be sharing a few tips and tricks that help us travel.

How to choose your destination?

Choosing a destination can be overwhelming – whether you are a first time traveller or a seasoned traveller. To make the process easier they are a few questions that can help narrow down your choices –

  1. How much time do you have? Is this a long weekend trip, a week or 2 weeks or a month!
  2. When do you plan to travel? Which month, do you have enough time to plan for visa and travel?
  3. How much money do you plan to spend?
  4. What type of holiday do you want? Beach vs Mountains? Relaxing vs Adventure? It is also a good idea to keep your fellow travellers and their preferences in mind.

These 4 broad questions will help you narrow down to your geographical radius. Then you start narrowing down countries or cities.

  1. Do you have any bucket list items to be checked / countries to be covered /cities you saw in a movie and wanted to visit?  
  2. Recommendations from friends or family?
  3. Destinations that you read in some travel journals or saved on Instagram, Pinterest!
  4. Be open- minded! This is the most important tip –  We had no idea at the beginning of last year that we would travel to New Zealand – we just wanted a different experience and wanted to drive around!
  5. Google the hell out for interesting options – haven’t heard about a place, explore it, consider the less famous towns – it is a great way to get inspired.

And lastly, follow your gut and be decisive!

* And like we always say – you don’t have to fly half-way around the world to travel, it could be exploring a nearby village, town or city or the country next door. After all the trip/vacation should be for you and not for Instagram! Do whatever works for you!

Hope this helps!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Awesome tips Abha! I love the last quote – Don’t do it for Instagram but do it for yourself which is so true! These travel memories will last a lifetime & you will always cherish them fondly!

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