How to travel often?

One of my main goals of writing my blog is to share useful and practical tips when we travel! So back with the WhiteCollarTravellers version of #MondayMotivation (been crazy busy travelling for work the past month).

⭐How to travel often?⭐

While there are some incredibly inspiring stories of people who travel full time – the reality is not everyone can do it! However, it is possible to have a full-time regular job and travel the world! Make travel a priority and it will all fall in place… After all, you chose what to spend your time and money on!

Sharing our quick tips – 
1. We are always thinking of travel – we finish one trip and are already researching and planning for the other! Since travel is a priority and it keeps us busy and motivated to work more in our regular jobs! 😊😊

2. We usually take two major trips per year and space them out accordingly as per our vacations. By major trips we mean a trip which is more than a week (clubbing the weekends we get 10 days). We also at times club our annual trips around public holidays.💕💕

3. Take shorter trips often – make use of long weekends, public holidays for a quick break from work. I took a Friday and Monday off and went to Tokyo for 4 days and it was definitely worth it( my 30th birthday gift to me). Don’t underestimate how much you can see of a city in just a couple of days!😜😜

4. Act Fast – Once you have decided your destination, done your research and looked around for deals – book your tickets, hotels quickly – else closer to your intended travel date everything becomes expensive and you end up cancelling or postponing!🤔🤔

5. Take Advantage of Business Trips – if your work makes your travel do take advantage of it, take a day or two extra to explore more!😆😆

1 thought on “How to travel often?”

  1. Hey Abha,

    I hope you and Aamod are doing well. This is really strange and weird times with the lockdown in place and I feel sad that you don’t get to travel and update the blog which is such a motivating factor. But be positive as I definitely believe this shall go away soon and I am sending positive vibes. We now know a lot more about how to manage this disease and already acting in unison to defeat it.
    And yeah I hope you guys are saving money.. like lots and lots of it as there will be a huge travel backlog to fill when this gets over.. Believe me, the earth and its beautiful landscapes and locations is cleansing itself and eagerly awaiting for you guys to visit.

    Keep Smiling, stay safe and take care!

    Best Wishes Always

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